Covid 19 Official Plan

We will be opening in the answer some of your questions please see information below. Our goal is to continue to provide a quality Christian education while providing a safe place to learn and grow.

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1. Identify and articulate your mission. No matter what and how you change your patterns, keep focused on your spiritual purpose (and secondary purposes)  


  •         Social Distancing ~ when possible students will be kept 6'  apart. Desks will be separated, spots on the carpet  will be given (for young students) for gatherings, additional lunch room tables will be set up to ensure social distancing is used at lunch. The morning gathering in the gym will be socially distanced with their classmates.
  •         Masking ~ Masks during educational Time will not be required as social distancing will be utilized. The only time masks will be strongly suggested will be when social distancing is not possible. An example may include Art Class as our Art room poses difficulties to social distance. Public transportation (Public school vehicle/bus) will fall under the public school regulation(s). It is permitted for your students to wear a mask if that is your family's preference. The only time a student would not be permitted to wear a mask is if they are eating, drinking, exercising, or playing with the mask. 
  •         Temperature Taking ~ Temperatures will be taken at the door as students are dropped off (both parent drop off and bus drop off). No one will be permitted in the school/daycare without their temperature taken. Temperatures will be taken prior to student(s) leaving the school/daycare. Temperatures will be recorded. Any volunteers will follow the same protocol of temperature taking. We will be trying to minimize the number of people in the building to decrease the possibility of exposure.
  •          Hand washing & hand sanitizer ~ All persons will either wash their hands or use sanitizer upon arrival to the school/daycare. Students will either wash their hands or use sanitizer prior to leaving the school/daycare. All teachers, staff, and students will be washing their hands or using hand sanitizer when they enter/leave classrooms/school. Increased hand washing/sanitizing of hands will take place throughout the day.
  •         Increasing outside air ventilation vs AC increasing ventilation vs closed building (heating) ~ When possible windows will be opened in the classrooms to improve outside ventilation. When possible classes will go outdoors. We are looking into adding air filters to rooms without windows.
  •         Disinfecting touched air ventilation, both general and specialized things like keyboards and toys ~ Increased cleaning with disinfectant cleaners on surfaces and common areas. All toys and shared materials are disinfected after usage/daily. Students will be using their own materials. UV wands will be utilized for those areas that cannot be cleaned with disinfectant.