SCS Faculty & Staff

All of our teachers Grades 1-12 are state certified.

  • Mrs.  Erica James-Handley


    Masters of Science in Educational Administration
    B.S. in Education
    Bowling Green State University
    Bowling Green, OH
  • Mrs. Judy gnagey-davis

    Daycare Supervisor

  • miss anita yoder

    Pre-Kindergarten & Bible

    B.A. in Health and Physical Education (K-12), Messiah College, PA
    I have taught 28 years at SCS, teaching Pre-K (1992-Present), P.E. (1991-2016) and Middle School Bible classes (2016-presnet). I have attended MANY classes, through the years, dealing with early childhood education.

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS?

    Christian atmosphere. Freedom to talk about/lead students to Christ.

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care?

    God has gifted me in teaching children, and He has given me a love for them.

    Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 19:14

  • mrs. debbie scheffel


    Graduate of North Star High School, 17 years experience as Kindergarten Aide, 3 years experience as a Kindergarten Teacher.

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS?

    Somerset Christian School is a wonderful place to share the love of Jesus with children! It is a great privilege to be able to teach them and watch them as they grow academically, spiritually, socially, and physically.

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care?

    I truly love being with children, helping them discover the world around them, and teaching them about the God who made them.

    Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6

  • mrs. donna stawarz

    First Grade

    Nyack College; B.S. in Elementary Education, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown; Preschool Staff at Easter Seals in Johnstown, PA; Somerset Christian School  for 34 years.

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS?

    Both the Christian environment and fellow colleagues who love and serve the Lord are what I enjoy most. I also consider it an honor and privilege to be able to lead first graders to accept Jesus as their Savior.

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care?

    I really enjoy making my classroom each fall inviting for my first graders. Students feel comfortable, safe and are well aware of my expectations. Classroom management and procedures are consistent.

    Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 9:6

  • mr. Craig Knupp

    Second Grade

    Mr. Knupp was inducted into the Juniata College Honor Society after receiving dual certification in early childhood and elementary education. He also obtained a 4.0 GPA for his Masters of Education Degree in Reading from Frostburg State University. He is a reading specialist with 37 year of experience.

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS?

    Teaching at SCS has allowed Mr. Knupp to continue his passion for teaching along with being more intentional in his Christian witness while teaching. Mr. Knupp loves the personalized educational experience he can provide his students because of the smaller class size.

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care?

    Teaching is not just a job for Mr. Knupp, it is his calling. He has always tried to treat all children like he would want his own son and daughter to be treated. He considers it a privilege to help bring children to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

    Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Peter 4:10

  • mS. Shelley Metcalfe

    Third Grade

    Bachelor or Science Degree in Early Childhood Education, Syracuse University; 2nd year at SCS; 

    Taught Grades 4 & 5 at Portsmouth Christian Academy in Portsmouth, NH; Teaching Assistance at Village Elementary School in York, Maine

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS?

    Opportunity to participate in teaching children in a place where Jesus is recognized as the Foundation of our live, our education, and our abilities.

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care?

    Hopefully I would be able to share with the children that Jesus is the most important part of their lives and that Jesus is involved in every aspect of their education.

  • mRs. tamara nichols

    Fourth Grade

    B.A. in Elementary Education; University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

    I have taught at SCS for 7 years. I taught 4 years before I had my daughter, and recently 3 more years. I home schooled my daughter for 10 years in between. During the years at SCS, I have taught 4th, 5th and 6th grades. I enjoy teaching my students to play Scrabble and Chess.

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS?

    I love interacting with kids. I enjoy teaching them new concepts and watching as the concepts become concrete to them. Above all, I cherish the ability to share the love of Christ with my students.

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in you care?

    During the school day, I take on the care of my students as if they were my own children. God has blessed me with one child even though I wanted more. Therefore, I love and guide my students as if they were my own. 

    Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 93:4

  • Mrs. Rebecca Jones

    5th Grade Teacher

    Bachelor of Science in Education from Geneva College

    Teaching Experience: Taught grades K, 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th & 8th for twelve years in Derry, PA at a Christian School. Also homeschooled her three children for ten years. She has over 20 years of experience teaching children's church as well as eight years teaching at a Homeschool Co-operative in Indiana, PA.

    Why to you enjoy teaching at SCS?

    I enjoy sharing the love of Jesus and the joy of learning with my students. God has mad an amazing world full of breatkhtaking things. We should be ever learning.

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care? 

    All that I do, I do for my beloved Savior. He is the One I will answer to and as such, I give my best to my pupils and seek the Lord's empowering and leading in each class.

    Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 8:35-39

  • mr.Randy pletcher

    History & Bible

    B.S. in Communication

    Bob Jones University

    Graduate from PA State Police Academy

  • mrs. cynthia blair


    B.S. in Elementary Education
    University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, PA

    Johnstown, PA

  • ms. melissa long

    Middle School Teacher

    B.A. in Political Science and History; Hood College

    Teaching Experience: SCS for three years as a middle school teacher (English, Reading, and History)

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS? 

    I attended SCS from kindergarten through sixth grade, and it is a joy to teach alongside some of my former teachers. I am glad that I have the opportunity to help my students strengthen their relationships with God, and it is my desire for them to walk in truth, living as salt and light to the dark world that surrounds us.

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care?

    I love to share with children about God's love for them and to help them live out truth from God's Word-whether it is at teaching at school or serving in children's ministry at my church.

  • mr. jim patton


    Masters of Science in Mathematics/Physics

    B.S. in Mathematics Education

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)

    Indiana, PA

  • Ms. Megan Flower

    Spanish Teacher

    Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Susquehanna University

    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Susquehanna University

    Juris Doctor from Duquesne University School of Law, licensed to practice law in PA

    1st year at SCS, 3 previous years as an adjunct instructor for Penn Highlands.

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS?

    I love that our students are excited to learn new things about the world. I feel to supported by our SCS administration and parents!

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care?

    I am passionate about learning cultures & "new" things. I love working with older children to get them to see a different worldview. I am a lifelong Christian eager to share God's creation.

    Favorite Bible Verse: Micah 6:8

  • mrs. Jackie Weicht

    Elementary/Secondary Phys. Ed. 

    For the last 15 years I have been involved with teaching children about the Gospel and God's Word. I received my TCE1 &2 Certificates (Teaching Children Effectively) through CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship). I have been able to apply my CEF training these last two years as a teacher at SCS.

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS?

    Knowing I can talk about Jesus, refer to the Bible and God's teachings ANYTIME with joy and thankfulness.

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care?

    I am committed to the physical and spiritual well being of our students.

    Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 46:10

  • mrs. lahne miesko


    Associates in Psychology, BA in English Literature, 9 credits toward MA Education

    30 years of Art Theory. Studied under three professional artists plus many individual classes here on and off for 6 or 7 years. I seek out art museums as a favorite pastime. I have been fortunate to visit the majority of the famous museums and galleries in Easter US, France and Italy. But I enjoy children's art the best.

    Why do you enjoy teaching at SCS? 

    1. Children are our most important resource. They are awesome.

    2. The ability to share Jesus along with secular curriculum.

    3. Hopefully to make a positive impact. Expose the students to various forms of art, techniques and famous works and how to use art for God's ministry. It is fun!

    Why would parents entrust their child/children in your care?

    I value them. I view working with them as a privilege and part of God's ministry. I try to show the children how beautiful they are in God's eyes.

    Favorite Bible Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:17

  • mrs. margaret sprowls


    B.S. in K-Twelfth Music Education
    West Chester University, PA

  • mS. kari Hostetter

    Instrumental Teacher

    Master of Music

    University of North Texas in Denton, TX

    B.S. in Music Education

    Messiah College

    Mechanicsburg, PA